Management Team

Greka Engineering has an experienced management team with good corporate governance track record and experience in dealing with cultural and ethical challenges of doing business in China at local, provincial and central levels. Most of our management are local Chinese with strong industries knowledge and governance.

Rajesh Patel

General Manager- Operations

Rajesh Patel joined GREKA on March 20th, 2017. He graduated from Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College in 1991, majored in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Greka, he worked for Gujarat Gas Ltd (GGL), a gas distribution company in India, as Operation & Maintenance Director. Offering an impressive experience of over 22 years in delivering optimal results and business value in demanding deadlines: GGCL invested more than Rs 160 crores mn for the first time in 2006-07, in which Mr Patel was operationally responsible for timely delivery of the major Projects like Mora-Sachin-Palsana (Rs 70.7 crores) and Kim Karanj (Rs 30 crores) during project monitoring and commissioning phase; he ensured a successful implementation of the latest SCADA system for CNG stations; he led and successfully implemented the RFID pilot project for safe CNG dispensing for CNG vehicles-This was for the FIRST TIME when RFID technology( passive tag concept) was used internationally to make CNG filling safer at CNG station; he ensured a 100% plant uptime of the vast network and associated facilities through 24000+ Annual Maintenance programs; additionally he established a predictive maintenance management system for the CNG Compressors, etc. Rajesh Patel will be responsible for GET Operations including manufacture, IPF and infrastructure.